Founded by Hollywood stylist Kristin Bjorge in 2017,
The New New Style was created to transform lives
through accessible style support.


Our mission is to assist you in making the impact you desire on the world.
By guiding you in consciously elevating your personal image to reflect intention,
every day becomes an opportunity to stand in your power and make a difference.


Kristin Bjorge

A true lover of sunshine and West coast vibes, Kristin relocated from Scottsdale to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue her creative passions. Since then, she has built a solid reputation in the entertainment industry as a trusted stylist and costume designer who brings enthusiasm and laughter to a wide variety of projects. She's collaborated with over 50 major brands and networks, and a diverse range of clients: Dave Grohl to Guy Fieri, Disney to Mercedes Benz, BET to Food Network. After endless inquiries regarding a practical approach to personal wardrobe, Kristin embraced The New New as a solution to elevate her clients’ wellness through discovery of their own unique brand of style.

A deep fascination with human behavior and creative expression fuels Kristin’s lifelong exploration of image perception. She studied visual arts and marketing at Arizona State University, obtaining a B.A. in photography and graphic design. She then worked with one of the Valley's top advertising agencies, R&R Partners, and later for the popular fashion and lifestyle publication, 944 Magazine. While working alongside top commercial photographers she realized how styling could combine two passions, creativity and human connection. Kristin's unique holistic styling approach is based on a strong foundation of design, while incorporating color psychology and self-awareness techniques. Her mission is to empower clients by helping them align their outer image with their inner essence.